Shuttle craft

I downloaded a model

I downloaded a 3D model from here. It was done in SolidWorks and its fairly detailed and is a reasonably close facsimile of the original series shuttle craft. It would have taken me ages to make a model as good as this so I was glad to find it.

The changes I made

The model I downloaded had one door open and one door closed. I wanted to render the model in space in the hanger bay entrance so I needed to close the opened door.

The lettering on the hull was formed by extruding the text. Although I prefer the font used in the downloaded model it is not the font used in the TV show model so I had to change it.


I named the shuttle craft: Calypso after the ship that Jacques-Yves Cousteau used to explore the oceans. There is a short video here that gives a brief summary of the man. He is a hero to me and I think he is the kind of explorer that fits Star Trek very well. Maybe he was one of Picard’s heroes.

By RenĂ© Beauchamp –, CC BY-SA 4.0,

I changed some colours and changed the name of the shuttle craft and the registry number.

There is no official font for the shuttle craft names. I think that they were hand painted so any cursive script would do.

It took a weekend to modify the model and this is the result.

Although the shuttle does not exactly match the TV prop, I think that any differences can be explained by the 20 year difference between this shuttle and the ones that you see in the TV show.

A sense of proportion

I needed a shuttle to show the size of the hanger bay and its doorway. I also want to show that the artificial gravity in the hanger bay is upside down compared to the saucer section. The hanger bay floor is where you’d expect its ceiling to be.

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