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I’m going to use this site to share 3D renders with friends and to post the SVG animations that I did quite some time ago. Finally: I can display them.

The Gallery page has a LOT of renders on it; some renders are in 1080p resolution, others are 4K.

The Blog pages sometimes have renders that aren’t on the Gallery page.

Please assume that all renders are WIP (Works In Progress). That will save me having to label every page (WIP). I usually tweak my work immediately after I have done a beauty render and it takes me time to eventually upload stuff so if it is on the web then it is already out of date.

Latest Renders

Below are some 4K renders. I was working on the nacelles; the back part of the nacelles is a beam tetrode with see-through plates. The changes from previous renders is that I wired up: the cathode, the plates, the beam formers and the grids.

I was trying for an Art Deco looks to the wires that supply the beam formers and the grids; they are the nested “rectangles” of silver wires. You will need to click through in order to see the details.

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