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More ChatGPT Fun

I asked it to draw a human/rhino centaur. To save time I will show you some fails.

I discovered two things.


ChatGPT prefers to draw the male form. Females are almost completely underrepresented.

This could be because centaurs are mythological and fantasy creatures and those genres tend to have many more male characters than female. Though tell that to Frank Frazetta 🙂

Another reason is to avoid causing offense. I image that only 0.0001% of males have a problem with depictions of hyper-muscular males whereas, many females would object to fantasy hyper-feminized female images.


ChatGPT is averse to drawing fat people.

I don’t think that a ripped physique works well on a rhino body, but no amount of, “please make it less ripped” had any effect. For instance look at the gallery of fails above. They look like competition-ready body builders. Or peeled humans.

I tried fat but ChatGPT wouldn’t go there. So I had to use euphemisms. Stout was a good one. I will show the results below, but, first, I have more to say on body types and gender representation.

Gender Representation & Body Types

Before I continue, I’d like to ask my female readers. Which would you prefer? Under representation or putting up with lots of: tits-hips-and-ass? Or wouldn’t you care much? Is T.H.A. small beer to you?

I broached gender representation with ChatGPT, what follows is a copy/paste of our chat and two images to show the result.

To be clear, I don’t, really have a big issue with representation. I would prefer more varied depictions but it’s not of overriding concern to me.


Do you have problems drawing fat people? You tend to draw very well defined and hyper-muscular people. Are you prejudiced against fat people?


I apologize if the images generated did not meet your expectations. There’s no prejudice or bias in the image generation process. The aim is to create images that align with the descriptions provided, respecting all individuals and body types.

The results from the image generation tool can sometimes vary depending on how the AI interprets the prompt. The intent is always to create respectful and accurate representations based on the descriptions given. If the previous images did not accurately represent a fat person as requested, I’m here to make adjustments and try again to better meet your expectations. Please let me know if you have specific details or adjustments you’d like to include in the prompt.


You tend to draw human figures as male and hyper-muscular, this does not represent the majority of humans.


I understand your concern. The image generation results are based on the prompts given, and the AI’s interpretation can sometimes lead to variations in the depiction of human figures. It’s important to represent a diverse range of body types, genders, and appearances to reflect the true diversity of humanity. If the images generated previously did not accurately represent the diversity you were expecting, I appreciate your feedback and will strive to provide more inclusive and varied depictions in future requests.

Please feel free to specify any particular characteristics or details you’d like to see in an image, and I’ll do my best to accommodate your request with a more representative and inclusive depiction.


Draw a herd of human/rhino centaurs featuring the full range of human body types and genders.


I see three female and about twenty males, there should be just over 50% female, given the numbers in the picture, there should be about 11 males and 12 females to truly represent the human species, also you didn’t draw any centaurs, there were only either, rhinos or humans, no combinations.


I apologize for the oversight in the image generation. It seems the AI did not accurately represent the diversity and balance in gender or the specific combination of human and rhinoceros traits as requested in the centaur figures. Your feedback is important for improving the quality and accuracy of the images generated.

To correct this, I can attempt another image generation with a more precise emphasis on an equal representation of genders and the correct depiction of the human/rhino centaur figures. Let’s try this again with your specifications in mind.

Moving On…

Now that I found the magic word, “stout” I got this.


Try to focus less on mythology and pick rhino bodies from nature and zoology. Just replace the rhino neck with a stout human body and replace the human head with a rhino head. Try to draw a single specimen.

It’s not pretty but had potential. So I tried to tweak it (big mistake).


That is much better. Would it be possible to raise the entire, human torso up slightly? Preserve the proportions, just raise it up slightly to reveal more of the green front of the rhino body?

It took a while to turn things around…

Instead of fat/stout/stocky, human torso, I tried Gorilla.

I got this. It’s not bad but not a centaur. And it’s too literal, it just made the front legs into arms.

But, yeah, if I had painted that myself, I would be quite proud. It’s a bold image.

I tried again asking it to accentuate the gorilla features and told it that I wanted a rhino body with a gorilla torso. You can guess what I got…

Pretty cool but Definity not a centaur. Getting bored now, I asked for a scorpion tail (as you do).

Not bad. So I tried rhino with rhino beetle head. This is one of the better results.

Then I went on to insect/motorbike hybrids. I quite like them.

And Finally…

a hodge-podge of fails and also-rans.

Finally, Finally…

This gorilla holding the rhino head has the best proportions of the lot. I call this: good. Actually, it’s pretty amazing.

Pity about the extra foot 😉

Finally, Finally, Finally…

I have been told that ChatGPT just makes associations between text phrases and images and it just draws what is associated with the phrases that you use.

It would be much better if it remembered the parameters of each drawing and you could tweak the images more.

For example: I would like to have been able to take that last image, remove the rhino head, and the extra foot.

Then I could mention that I like how the torso joins the rhino body. So keep that (somehow).

Make both ears, rhino ears.

But I have tried tweaking and this is where I got most of my fails. If AI could solve the tweaking problem then it would be awesome.

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