I have recently added Cycles emissive materials to some parts of the model.

An object with an emissive material acts like a light. It lights up the objects around it.

Parts of the warp nacelles emit light, when the warp drive is active, and this can be seen reflecting off the white parts of the ship’s hull.

The gallery below shows the contrast between renders without emissive materials and renders with emissive materials.

You might have noticed some other changes between the old and new images.

  • The turbolift is bigger and has moved to the side. I will explain why later.
  • I now have a TOS shuttle craft so show the scale of the hanger deck opening and the orientation of gravity in the hanger bay.
  • I added a Forbidden Planet style hyperdrive to the saucer section.
  • I added the UFP logo to the nacelles. I’ve always liked the Psvane logo on their vacuum tubes and the UFP logo looks somewhat like it.
  • There are minor changes in the vents at the rear of the pylons.

Psvane and UFP Logos

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