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I Asked ChatGPT to Draw

A Halo Jackal, holding a spear, riding an ostrich.

I quite like the two headed ostrich, that is the closest I ever got to getting a Pierson’s Puppeteer out of ChatGPT.

It made a pastiche of Halo elements:

  • It drew the Chief: it always draws the Chief. Halo means Chief.
  • There are Halo 3 and Halo Infinite rings in the background.
  • The vehicle on the left looks familiar. its very Halo-esque and, is just typical of Halo art. From books and such.

For context: this is a Halo Reach Jackal

And this is a Skirmisher (a sub-species of Jackal)

Moving on…

A Halo Needler

Me: “Draw the needler from the original halo combat evolved game.”

ChatGPT: “Here’s the illustration of the Needler from the original “Halo: Combat Evolved” game.”

Me: “You have drawn a cross between the human pistol (the grey parts) and the needler. Don’t draw any pistol parts, they are two separate weapons. Also, the original needlers didn’t have jaggy needles, they were more like quartz crystals, hexagonal, with parallel sides, slightly transparent, slightly blueish, and came to a point near the tips but had parallel sides until they reached the tip.”

ChatGPT: “Here’s the revised illustration of the Needler from the original “Halo: Combat Evolved” game, focusing solely on its unique design.”

Me: “That is terrible, you have drawn a human pistol with jaggy blue crystals with too many facets. I want the needler and the crystals should be hexagonal, six sided, parallel sided “cylinders”.”

Me: “The crystals are better but you have still drawn a human pistol for the body. Do you know what a grunt is?”


Yes, I’m familiar with Grunts from the “Halo” series. In the games, Grunts, also known as Unggoy, are a species of small, squat alien creatures that serve as common infantry within the Covenant, the primary antagonist faction in the “Halo” universe. They are characterized by their distinct alien appearance, often wearing breathing apparatuses and speaking with high-pitched voices. They are known for their somewhat comical behavior and are one of the more recognizable alien species in the “Halo” franchise.

Regarding the illustration of the Needler, I understand that the previous attempts have not accurately captured the non-human, alien design of the weapon. I’ll make another attempt, ensuring that the body of the Needler is distinctly alien and does not resemble a human pistol. Let’s focus on capturing its unique, extraterrestrial design.


The grunts are usually armed with plasma pistols or needlers, the needlers are the pink weapons that shoot needles. Try drawing a needler with crystals like those you drew in the pervious image.


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